Install Theme



  1. Open Theme Folder from Preference PanelAppearance section.
  2. Copy css and related resources, like fonts or images, into the newly opened folder.
  3. Restart typora, then select it from Themes menu.

How to Open Theme Folder


Open the preference panel using the keyboard combination cmd+`, then click “Open Theme Folder”


On macOS, the theme folder is usually in /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/abnerworks.Typora/themes/


Open preference panel from FilePreference from menubar, then click “Open Theme Folder”:



Where to find/download Typora themes ?

Visit Typora Theme Gallery to download themes provide by other users to us.

The theme not show in theme menu bar, or after selecting it, the theme not updated.

This problem can happen when your CSS filename contains capitalized characters or whitespace. Please change the filename to lowercase and surround it with hyphens, e.g., my-typora-theme.css.

How to modify existing theme.

If the theme is created by you, you would modify it directly.

If the theme is built-in with Typora or was downloaded from a website, you may need to update it by downloading a new one to replace the original. In this case, we recommend you make your modifications using a copy that has been renamed. Otherwise Typora might overwrite your changes if the theme file is updated.

Note that you can put your modifications in two files:

For more details, please check Add Custom CSS.

How to write my own theme?

Please refer to Write Custom Theme for Typora.