Tharindu Darshana 2024/02/19
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Typora Ceylon Light Theme

A clean, light theme for Typora. Highly inspired by the amaizing Vue light theme and the Obsidian editor defult theme.


Ceylon Theme

Ceylon Theme

Ceylon Theme

Ceylon Theme

Ceylon Theme


  1. Download the Ceylon light theme from here as a zip file.

    You will get files like this:

    └── ceylon/
        ├── ceylon.css
        ├── README.md
        ├── LICENSE.md
        └── ceylon/
            └── .....
  2. Open Typora, go to Preferences -> Appearance

    Click on Open Theme Folder

  3. Copy ceylon.css and ceylon/ folder to theme folder
  4. Restart Typora and enable Redefine Theme in the Themes Menu
  5. Enjoy!


Feel free to pull request and send issues on Github. If you have any questions, please send an email to tharindu24darshana@gmail.com. I will reply in time. Please give me a star to support me.

Do you really like this theme and wanna support me, you can do it here ko-fi.

Thanks for using the Ceylon Theme for Typora!